Transform 2019

Sponsors: Dell EMC


Transform 2019 is a 5-day event occurring from 5-11 May 2019 for subsurface scientists to engage, align and build upon foundations of an open software community. Together we'll collaboratively:

  • Explore the new landscape: strategies for strengthening our digital-first culture, open data, open source, and business models for open innovation.
  • Map out the network of core packages and ancillary tools in the current open-source landscape and how we can strengthen the infrastructure for navigating between them.
  • Build skills, strategy, and code around a new open geoscience stack to help power our journey through this landscape.

Read more about the plan for the open subsurface stack on the Agile blog

A shift in work

We think it’s time to refocus the hackathons as sprints — purposefully producing a sustainable, long-lasting, high quality, open source software stack that we can all use and combine into new tools, whether open or proprietary, free or commercial.


Half-day ‘unsessions’ and weekend hackathons open too many paths and leave too few explored. Transform 2019 will enable a deeper, more-lasting unconference experience. We need more time — to share research, plan software projects, and write code in a sustainable way.


At the core of this new era of computing is a new open-source software stack, created, supported, and implemented by a community of earth scientists and organizations passionate about its potential.


€1000 (conference) + €1500 (board and lodging) — €400 to book your place and we'll invoice you


Sun, May 05, 2019. 5 p.m. - Sat, May 11, 2019. 11 a.m.


Château de Rosay
27790 Rosay-sur-Lieure