1. Team size. Teams must have no more than 5 members.
  2. Fresh code. None of your code should exist before the hackathon, and the code must be developed on site. Teams may plan ahead of time, however.
  3. Frameworks. You can use any language, frameworks, platforms, or libraries you wish. You can build an iOS or Android mobile app, or a web app, or any other type of product.
  4. Publishing code. There will be extra credit for published, open source code — but this is at the team’s discretion. We’d love to see a new software company too!
  5. Intellectual property. Agile Scientific and the sponsors make no claim over intellectual property generated during the event. The members of your team collectively own your intellectual property. Your team needs to decide how they want to interpret this.
  6. Schedule. We will start on Tuesday morning and coding will finish at 2 pm on Wednesday, when we will commence with demos. The event will end after the demos.
  7. Demos. Teams will be selected in random order and presentations/demos will be 4 minutes long (firm), followed by 2 minutes of questions from the judges and if there is time, the audience.
  8. Judging criteria. You will be scored on originality, execution or functionality, teamwork, and commercial potential.
  9. Small print. By taking part in the event, you agree to allow Agile Scientific to include mention of your participation in the event, and to appear in photos and video of the event.
  10. Smaller print. Agile Scientific reserves the right to change the rules before the event starts, and is the sole arbiter of rule interpretation should disputes arise. Which seems unlikely.